Monday, October 29, 2018

Snatched #2

After Vicky shrinking and bringing Tommy to the Beauvoir Yacht, ordered by her feminist leader Gail, Tommy is shown how it is like to live in a matriarchy, a rape culture dominated by giant women. This time, Gail's best friend Joy, brings to the yacht a newly shrunken woman, to keep Tommy company. After Vicky and Tommy exchange words, Joy comes into the picture with her newly shrunken female victim, now used as a toy for her pleasure and for Tommy's pleasure, even if he doesn't want to. Snatched continues with the second part of the story, with even more images, more erotic excitement and a crueler but happier instigator at the helm, this time Joy shows the newly shrunken woman and Tommy how it is like to live in a rape culture, consumed with madness and sexual desire, this is a story for every giantess lover to see hand held interaction, boob crushing, humiliation and domination, bigger, better and more graphic than the first part of Snatched!

File Format: Zipped File
Image Format: PNG and PDF
Number of Pages: 184
Language: English
Price: $6.69
includes: shrinking man, shrinking woman, hand held interaction, boob crush, rape, slave

includes: shrinking man, shrinking woman, hand held interaction, boob crush, rape, slave

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Characters: Snatched

The continuing adventures of the Snatched universe! Crazy girls drunk in 'girl power' attempt to bring forced gender equality by shrinking men smaller than women and "educating them" thru some strange, and perverted ways... Comics available in our Gumroad Store.

Tommy Kirk

A really laid back guy, just wants to surf and have fun with his girlfriend, but things don't go as planned, he falls in a deep and crazy web of being shrunken and put into a place with no escape, where he shall be educated on how it feels to live in a "rape culture" by other, big women, thru some strange and sexual ways, he is learning to live in a sexual matriarchy... What lesson will he learn? Will he be able to get out alive?

Charla Doherty

Tommy's girlfriend, really trusting with everybody. Want to reconnect with her family and old friend back in her home town, but things have changed, in a big way. How will Charla handle knowing things back in her home town have changed for the worse?

Vicky London

Vicky is a good girl at heart, but life hasn't granted her the luck to fall into good situations. With the need to be accepted by her girl peers, she joins the ranks of the girl power ideology even though deep down she knows it not to be true. Will she be able to get over the need to be accepted to do what she knows is right?

Gail Gilmore

Gail is the leader of the girls bent on taking over the world and fulfilling the dream of gender equality. She has the power to shrink people at her will and she thinks she has been ordained by a superior power to finally bring the balance between the genders. She has gone insane in girl power ideology. Will she be successful in her sacred mission? What will be her eventual destiny?

Joy Harmon

Joy is Gail's best friend. They've been together since High School, and in fact, it was Joy who introduced third wave feminism to Gail, turning her into the supreme feminist leader, bent on shrinking and taking over man. While she look harmless and blissfully happy, make no mistake, she is even crueler than Gail, she has no conscience whatsoever. Many BIG surprises will come in her future, as she even cared.

Snatched #1

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Tommy went to her girlfriend's home town, a small island beside a beautiful ocean... All he wanted to do was surf some waves, but destiny had other plans for him. The philosophy of girl power has gone out of control! Men all around the world shall face the ultimate challenge when a small group of girls, headed by a crazy but sexy feminist activist called Gail, has big plans to finally make true the dream of gender equality by shrinking men and having them suffer a "rape culture". See sexy girls shrink men and "educate them" by sexual means what it means to behave in a perverted matriarchy, in the first part of Snatched!

File Format: Zipped File
Image Format: PNG and PDF
Number of Pages: 155 
Language: English

Price: $6.69

includes: shrinking man, hand held interaction, crush, rape, slave

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Characters: The Jade and Anne Adventures

The Jade and Anne adventures follows two young girls, and all her friends, who get into many size changing, age progressing and embarrassing adventures with a strange magical book which they  don't understand, but can't put down!


Jade is a small girl, shy and inexperienced, but full of energy to dive into the unknown with out fear or doubt... She is the one that always kick starts all of the adventures! A true free spirit, when the magic is used on her she turns into a sexy statuesque amazon woman. This little girls sure hides big surprises inside, pun intended!


Anne is the opposite of Jade, very flirty and experienced in life, due to being blessed with big endowments, but not very observant about much anything. She just want to have fun. When the magic is used on her she turns into an amazing blonde amazon, with even bigger endowments. She and Jade complement each other very much, that is why they have been friends ever since childhood.

Jade and Anne's Boyfriends

The only way to break the spell that turns Jade and Anne into humongous sexy giantess can be broken by having sex with their boyfriends... Pretty good deal if you ask me... ;)


Jessica is Jade's big sister, a big business woman in the book printing world, she was the one that found the strange magical book that lead to the whole size changing adventures. Not wanting to be a participant in the story, with out even knowing she gets thrown in and joins Jade and Anne in their adventures.


Hendrick's is an employee in the Jessica's book publishing industries as a translator of many languajes, also he has been Jessica's on and off boyfriend, yet they maintain a serious professional relationship, that is, unless Jessica is somehow annoyed by him, that's when the fireworks starts... But Hendrick's is smart and plays it cool, like if he had a choice when confronted with a sexy giantess amazon.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Jade and Anne Adventures


Follow Jade, Anne and the rest of the gang in their magical adventures of 
fertility, giantess body exploration and size change after discovering and playing around with a strange magical book... in The Jade and Anne Adventures!